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Monday, June 8, 2009

yohooo im bck after like 1yr n more....problems logging mann...anyway many tings haf happened and im back to single...aftr 4 n half yrs...yeap.. currently in munich,germany...couldnt seem to sleep been awake since 5am n now is 1110am..gona post pics....

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

yea my 15 daes leave is well OVER!!!!!!!!!!! tonight is the last night in singapore..damn it..but gd thing is tt im cuming bck again april 30th as operating crew which means flying to sin den to brisbane n back to sin..so nt tt sad..

my next mth roster is pretty gd!! yahoooo...btw sickening street road outside velvet..think i had too much brandy trip n fall nw hafing a big graze on my right knee cap!!hope its nt gona leave a SCAR!! been applying ZAM BUK or shld i sae an EXPIRED zam buk till i realised it after 2 daes of continous spreading my knee cap like a KAYA TOAST ( to viewers who doesnt kno wad is kaya is coconut jam ; singapore local food yummilicious)

been here for so long didnt fall sick nw abt to go back to auh down wif flu n dry cough..hate the idea of eing sick alone in a foreign land..sux...ohh btw i haf ipod - i touch..cool!!!!!!!!!! maps/internet n stuff damn wonderful....time update some pics..

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Monday, March 24, 2008

finally back in singapore...since last dec..hafing my leave here till 31st mar..whhoooohoo..jus gt back from batam yesterdae brought my grandma,mum,2 sis,1 cousin n her mum along..7 of us..had a great time n a freaking cheap seafood feast!!!!!!!!!!!! bought 1 box of big kueh lapis back PRUNE flavour mebi tt explain y im gg to the toilet so often to shit it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaa

at last at my hm sofa damn comfortable...a new set of L shaped fur type sofa..duno hw to explain lah damn shiok..relaxing at hm..gna post some toronto pics up as well..minus 15 the dae i was der..freezing my butt out la...but v nice i love it...enjoyed my pics..viewers r welcome to leave comments..thank u thank u...

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

wah lau eh finally can write my blog again!!! sorry for my sudden dissapearance!! my god its nt me lor...its ABU DHABI..when im der im blog heading became arabic...hw to write???dun even kno which one is NEW POST...nw in toronto..finally get to retrieve my blig mauhahaa

nuthing much been flying ard....last mth went to pisa,voltarre,livorno to mee joseph for a couple of daes..nw in toronto for 72 hrs tt is 3 daes lah then heaing to ABU DHABI then bck to frankurt den SINGAPORE till 31st mar whohowooooo!!!

jus nw was in 1st class toking to this HKG guy who was born in calgary,canada..preseident of some company whohooo...tok n tok n tok non stop nice guy lah teach me wine appreciation in return i teach him mandarin..impress wif me lah took chinese literature before during As level...actually i also shocked i pull thru hahaha...

nw waiting to go out wif crew 4pm gg chinatown for food!!!dim sum to b exact at chinatown...snowing minus 7 outside mann hope we can find it .....ok will upload more within these fewdaes on my trip to toronto...for nw ciao...baci.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

hiloe viewers out there..(if i haf any) haha..havent updated my blog quite a while..did i mentioned tt i was sick again after 1st jan..5th jan..kana severed allergies after landing from sydney flt..mus b the procini mushroom i ate ..damn those wild mushrooms!!! i will shoot u guys 1 by 1 *bang bang*!! procini: pls mistress celine,dun kill us more! we promised nt to appear anymore wthin ur vicinity!!spare us!(haha enjoying 1 man show again)..kk bck to the allergies so joseph brought me to this idiotic hospital near the hotel during wee hrs..n guess wad the receptionist told us.SORRY ONLY PREGNANT LADIES here..bloody hell...

scenario 1: ohhh we love to help u realli..but u r nt pregnant..there is nuthing we could do..
BUGGER!! so had to went on to another..which the idiotic male nurse keep toking to joseph in arabic...wad the shit..DUN U GUYS UNDERSTAND WE DUN UNDERSTAND ARABIC!!hw mani times mus we repeat ourselves tp get into ur null skull???LOSER! the male nurse ignored me n so i was like EXCUSE ME??IM DYING HERE...NEED HELP! WOULD U MIND???so of coz gave me the du lan face thinking im some CHINA PROSTITUE...ignorants pigs there r...anyway had 2 injections...n thank god the allergies went off..NO MORE PORCINI!!! dun let me see u guys ard if nt i CASTRATE U!!!

jus bck from heathrow flt..going again tml for a 48 hrs...i gt my calling card ready so i can disturb pple in singapore especially my sis cindy/christine..mebi jus call n ask haf u shit todae???den put down call another ask haf u peepee todae?haha

ok back to some gossips..anyway zara call sick again i think she havent flew since her leave which means this yr 2008 she havent even flew lor..dissapointed in her lah..so unprofessional..call sick n go bar in dubai...angry wif her ..dun feel like toking to her..well mebi its none of my business but i considered her my friend so jus poke my nose..well mebi i jus shuddup next time n from nw on i jus care onli abt my life...cant b bothered anymore..some gals r jus so desparados when comes to man...like no man will die...omg...LOSER...go n tell pple she virgin..yea mebi n i sae mebi onli in the ears she is vigin..ok nw i sound like a damn bitch here haha...

another irritating issue is tt nw we haf a new rank in our company call the food n beverage manger wad the hell..F&B yet duno anything...slightly higher salary n more junior than me..yea mebi coz they speak arabic..anyway this part of the world its kinda unfair...this is the first time im experiencing been look down as an asian...wad the fuck! im proud to b an asia,a singaporean...

typing this blog when joseph dozing off in the background hahaa..deciding wad to eat later..beef or pasta???i feel like eating beef..but again also feel like eating pasta but also feel like eating rice...3 choices he gave me before he went into dreamland :

1) Bambu - chinese restaurant buffet style eat ala carte (aiyah means u order from menu n eat as much as u like and they bring to ur table)

2) La MaMa - italian restaurant serving fantastic pasta

3) Shang ri-la - international buffet wif freshly grilled seafood n wonderful selections of dessert

headache duno wad to eat like tt.....mannn make a guess which one i will go for n i will reveal in my next entry!!!keke


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Friday, January 4, 2008

finally tml im on air again..yahoo!! jus painted my nails..waiting for it to dry..mann wana doze off..had subway a moment ago wif joseph..freaking full nw n its onli the 6 inch..hafing digestion problem..serious digestion problem!!

yesterdae was @ LA MAMA sheraton hotel..had penne alla norcina..halfway thru there was an arabic wedding so me,zara,chloe(french gal) n joseph we went to kpo n haf a look took a couple of snaps will upload later the pics..nice all the oldies were dancing haha..lao ah pek n lao ah hmm..yesterdae there was 4 couples thus a total of 8..as usual the fat couple pasquale n his bitch didnt turn up on time...we said 815pm n they turn up 830pm..bloody fucker..hate pple to b late..didnt even apologised..n after dinner they jus leave obviously to go n fuck in the room..that bitch act so fucking cheap in the restaurant so ashamed to go out wif her..pple think oriental r all like her..sorry pple we r of different NATIONALITY..im a SINGAPOREAN...much higher class than our neighbour MALAYSIAN..so pls do not link us up tog...our ctry is a world of diff...hate it when so ignorant ass sae ITS THE SAME...same my arse...r indian same as pakistan???same logic..dumbarse..ignorant pigs!

ok calm down calm down...after tt nuthing to do much ara was asking where we go next ...in the end ended up bowling..again..bowling..but this time the man at the counter was so freaking dumb..u kno wad..we were supposed to pay 70AED = 32SGD for 1 hr..so joseph took a 100AED bill n before he could gif tt man,that man gave him 30 AED haha n so the game WAS FREE N IN THE END WE EARN 30AED haha..tt was nice...mebi we shld go there more often...(eh dun think we r cheapo ok,wad can we do if they wana offer us $$...)hahaa take lah BODOH!!!

after the game went to see the night view of abu dhabi before sending ourselves to the hotel n let the other guy YACOB(sounds so arabic but he is italian) drve zara n chloe home...however lastest info fed to me was tt zara n yacob went SAX wahhlaa...something fishy going on....ermmmm...kk i upload the pics nw

btw zara was so sweet,see the TANGS paper bag i carrying?she made fish soup for me coz i was a sick cat......mucks..

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

havent fly since last yr Dec,kinda bored..missed flying...soon..5th Jan to sydney..jus back from mugg n bean,joseph left me at hm n went for wrk..doing tons of laundry..tonight itinery will be to this german restaurant in rotana beach htl i guess..nt confirmed yet den heading to Zeneith..dun think i wana go smell of alcohol nw can makes me wana start my puking dramas...so itenery narrows down to zzing early haha...

tonight gona intro zara new guy..haha yesterdae intro her roberto..this roberto like wood like tt,mannn thot italian r suppose to b gd but omg!!we went to Al Plazzo for italian food den drop yunice off coz she refused to call sick for her sydney standby this morning(kana called out for sydney @ 6am,went home ard 1am last night)..zara played smart she called sick..haha..so me,joseph,zara n roberto went bowling again..den went to the room of pasquale n flossie(crazy msian gal,32 yrs old)rot there till ard 4am..y i sae she is crazy this msian gal coz soon she think pple will marry her,den ask pple buy her dis n dat...if pretty nvm but wah piangz lao zao bo n not normal...kana sai..ohh did i mentioned im nt gona stay wif her in the new building?im gona stayed wif two thai gals haha can haf thai food everydae..yummy...no lah but i wana pick up thai from them...new language mah...

nw toking to this scriptwriter in singapore...wana make zombie movie gg discuss wif karen mok...ermm mebi i shld tok to him more den mebi he wana include me in his moive????den wad i do???zombie itself???no much make up needed jus the dark circle is enuff to scare the pple ahha..let me upload more pics...

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